At TMS II, we understand the struggles that startup entrepreneurs face, because we’re entrepreneurs ourselves! If you are new in business and eager to get started, let us provide you with the clarity, structure and focus you need to give your startup a head start! Here are 5 ways partnering with TMS II can help:

  1.  Startup consultation – we will spend a half or full day with you discussing the considerations for starting and operating your business.
  2.  Business entity clarification – let us walk you through all of your options and help you decide what the right business is for you.
  3.  Setting up your company – leave the paperwork to us! Once we come to a decision on which type of business is right for you, we will help you make it official.
  4.  Financial coaching – once you’ve established your business, the work has just begun. Our financial coaching can provide you with the roadmap necessary to plan out and reach your financial goals.
  5.  Tax preparation and planning – we offer our CPA services at an introductory rates for new business owners.

If you are in any stage of the startup process and you are looking for some guidance, contact us today.

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