We’re excited to present Glenna Crooks of SageLife, LLC as our newest Empowered Entrepreneur.

Glenna Crooks

Glenna Crooks, SageLife, LLC

Name: Glenna Crooks, Ph.D.
Company: SageLife, LLC
Website: www.sagemylife.com
Address: The Tech Garden, 235 Harrison Street, Mail Drop #65, Syracuse, NY 13202

Glenna is launching SageMyLife™, a breakthrough in networking. It is wise (hence, ‘sage’) in the way it helps people identify and actually ‘see’ who is in their networks. Visualizing networks is a powerful way to assess how well they work for us – or not. SageMyLife’s patented network mapping tool is her 4th generation technology and it will be available to parents by the end of this year. Parents will be able to map their children’s five networks. By early 2015, it will be available for college students, and by mid-year, for all of us.

Glenna has bootstrapped until now, but needs a bit of support from people like us to get off the ground! To get that support, she is crowdfunding on Indiegogo. It is a well-known, secure, private crowdfunding website, so you can feel confident to help support SageMyLife™ through them. Doing so is just like buying anything on line. Although small donations are welcome, the site offers a variety of perks, including gifts you can purchase now (at a crowdfunding discount) for the upcoming winter holidays.

To learn more, visit www.sagemylife.com and to join in as a funder visit: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sagemylife. If you have questions, you can reach her at 215-545-2023.

Name a defining career moment. Being appointed by President Reagan to a senior position in government changed my career trajectory radically. It was not only a good learning experience, but it introduced me to people who were models of leadership and who were sincere, hard-working public servants.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? “Coming to Washington will open your eyes; staying there will close them.” That might seem at odds with the first question, but it’s not. Government can do only so much. Even a President’s power is limited. The business and not-for-profit sectors and individuals themselves play even more important roles in addressing the challenges and optimizing the opportunities we have today.

Fill in this sentence: Years ago, I wish I would have known how influential networks are to our success and satisfaction.

What’s your definition of success? It’s ‘getting better’ at whatever I’m doing. That could be my business, or cooking, or painting. I figure that every few years I should learn more, develop new skills and do better as a result. I’m pleased to say I’ve succeeded at that. Give me a ‘do over’ and it would be so much better now! 

Name a guilty pleasure. Action movies. Iron Man, Jason Bourne and anything with Bruce Willis or Liam Neeson…bring it on!

What can always make you laugh? Stand-up comedians. I wish I had their talent for making anything – including really tough subjects – funny.

We want to thank Glenna for being a part of our Empowered Entrepreneur blog series and remind you to visit www.sagemylife.com to learn more about her revolutionary networking technology.