A lifestyle-altering group financial coaching program

October 16th, 2014


NOW is the time to UP-LEVEL your financial well-being

Be one of the few that RECOGNIZES THE URGENCY of a shift in thinking to CHANGE your financial reality and CROSSOVER into 2015 prepared.

Financial Excellence for Women Entrepreneurs is a small group coaching program starting on October 16th for women ready to step into their financial excellence and take charge of their financial health and well-being.

This program is for you if:

  • You are a woman in business: a solopreneur, an entrepreneur, or one that is building a book of business;
  • You spend little time during your week focusing on financial objectives or evaluating financial results;
  • Financial tasks get “squeezed in” to your already busy day: billing, proposal-writing, or bill-paying;
  • Financial analysis is not even on your priority list;
  • You feel uncomfortable with where you stand with your finances – you have debt that doesn’t feel good to you; your tax preparation is at the bottom of the list; you haven’t evaluated your upcoming health care plan options;
  • Your financial well-being is in someone else’s hands: your partner, your Finance Director or manager, or your Accountant;
  • You want to recognize and stop doing things that don’t serve your financial well-being, but you’re not quite sure how.

In this course:

  • You will gain clarity and receive one on one coaching on your financial excellence;
  • You will develop a targeted financial plan, personally crafted to meet your individual needs and goals;
  • You will learn tools, methods and processes to use in your day-to-day work;
  • You will get personal coaching from a CPA with over 20 years of experience in accounting, taxes and business management;
  • You will have a safe space to discuss financial fears and hindrances.

This is an opportunity to connect with like-minded, successful women in a safe and supportive environment designed to help you focus, gain clarity and strengthen your financial core.

Program At A Glance:

OctoberWhy You Deserve to Make Financial Excellence A Priority:  Welcome and introductions on this first call with the goal of creating a safe, intimate, and nurturing environment that will provide for the attainment of your objectives for this course.  We will define Financial Excellence, why you deserve it, and how to achieve financial excellence.  You will declare your intentions for this program.

NovemberIt’s Your Time — Focus on What You Want to Achieve: We will define Specific, Measurable Objectives and have a discussion about Mindset (a guest speaker will discuss ‘mindset’).  You will learn methods to achieve your specific measurable objective.  Individually, you will begin articulating what on what you want to focus.

DecemberCreate Your Unique Financial Plan: We will discuss the structure to achieve your Specific Measurable Objective and the importance to using the structure presented.  We will introduce the BGD diet – a tool that helps you achieve what you want to achieve.

JanuaryWork Your Financial Plan, Part 1:  We will discuss resistance in the creation of the unique financial plans.  We will discuss Articulating Your Value and its importance to achieving your objective. The structure to achieve your Strategic Measurable Objective will be further discussed.

FebruaryWork Your Financial Plan, Part 2:  We will go into more detail about working the financial plans created; we will have a guest speaker who will present on wellness and its importance to your financial success.

MarchEvaluate Your Results and Identify Your Maintenance Program:  We will discuss the importance of evaluating results compared to plan.  We will focus on your maintenance program to build on your financial well-being. We will recap what you’ve learned over the last six months.

Along with these group coaching calls you will receive one personal coaching call each month to dig deeper into your financial plan.  AND, you’ll hear from two guest speakers. One will focus on wellness and the other on mindset, topics relevant to financial success.

Waiting until January 1st to make a change in your finances is only delaying the process and methodology you have used in previous years…

Start 2015 ahead of the game and enjoy a higher level of satisfaction and confidence.

Registration into the program is limited to a small group. Secure your spot now and take advantage of program discounts up to 20%!  Email Lauren (laurenj@tmsii.com) to receive the program application, full program overview, and program pricing.

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