Michele Schina-President_TMS II Accounting ServicesAbout Me and My Commitment to Be of Service to Our Firm’s Clients

Michele T. Schina, CPA

I knew I wanted to have my own business from the time I was a young teenager. However, it took me 11 years after college, while as a senior manager in a global accounting firm to make the move. I had worked my way through the Firm to senior auditing manager – facilitating and managing more than 10 audit engagements at a time as well as facilitating the local Philadelphia office Employee Benefit Plan Audit Practice (where we had over 300 client plans that required audits.) I was also a Firm educational trainer and area recruiter.

One day, in a very transparent and open conversation with one of my audit partners, I realized that I had lost the passion and confidence behind my work. I was allowing my client workload and my additional Firm responsibilities to consume me, so much so that I missed out on necessary growth opportunities which would have supported my Firm advancement. We’d come to the conclusion that I needed to make a change. As unsettling as this realization was, I knew that this challenge was actually my opportunity to fulfill my dream of having my own business. During that time, I was offered another full-time position in another area of the Firm that supported certain career endeavors; it was a good opportunity, but it was only a diversion from my dream.

It was really hard to leave KPMG as the people I had worked with were like a family. There was great stability and a sound infrastructure. However, my hesitancy was caused in large part by my fear of the uncertainty that was ahead of me. Then, after what seemed to feel like an endless time period, which included extensive pro and con analysis and planning, I gave my notice. Within a short period of time, one of my former KPMG colleagues had referred me to what became my Firm’s first large, consistent accounting and consulting engagement with the State of Delaware.

Since that first engagement, I have learned many things about owning my own business –through tons of reading, leadership programs, and my professional affiliations, but especially from my own real-life entrepreneurial experiences. Collectively, being licensed as a Certified Public Accountant, having the breadth of client and industry experience, and developing my own entrepreneurial skills have given TMS II, LLC its foundation – so that we can be the most valued and trusted colleague to our clients.

I have since made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to financial literacy, education and excellence for our clients – to enhance one’s understanding of their own financial health; to build, maintain and enhance sound financial and administrative structures; to prepare and present their financial results timely and accurately, and to align their strategy with their financial results.

Since starting on this path in 2003, I have worked with hundreds of clients – from individual tax clients, coaching clients and small business owners to corporations and non-profits, providing them with the service and results they seek.